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Melbourne Car Towing Specialists & Roadside Assistance

Call (03) 8609 1405

24 Hour Unregistered Vehicle Towing Service Melbourne

We can tow your unregistered car if your have no registration

(03) 8669 2006 24 Hours 7 Days a Week

Saving you time and money & Insurance

No Need for an Unregistered vehicle permit

We can tow your car to your mechanic or to Vicroads Same Day

24/7 Hours Day or Night

Experts in Moving unregistered vehicles to another location

We move cars stuck in backyards or down driveways or bogged in mud

Roadside Assistance Information about unregistered vehicle permits

Unregistered vehicle not to be used on a public street for a specified time

Are you considering buying an unregistered Car or Motorbike from

EBAY or Carsales over the weekend or during the week?

We can have your car picked up when you want and have it dropped off to you

Have you been picked up by Victoria Police and had your

number plates removed due to expired rego

we will come and tow your car back to your home within

60 - 90 mins if there are no delays

Best Towing Companies in Melbourne - Tilt Tray Towing 24/7

Tilt Tray & Towing Services Fast & Reliable Towing,

Our towing services operates seven days a week

throughout Melbourne and Suburban City Locations

including all surrounding suburbs & areas

Cheap Prices and Great Service - No Hassle Towing

We offer transportation of car and light trucks in the Melbourne Area

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Roadside Car Towing Open 7 Days!

(03) 8609 1405